We offer highly efficient silvering solutions for silver Christmas decorations and flat glass. We use our own recipe.


SilverSol S/R

We produce high-performance and quality silvering solutions, which are characterized by high efficiency, low consumption and a highly resistant of silver coating. Silver solutions have very advantageous properties, in particular the smooth start of silvering and the high stability after dilution.

Reduction of consumption - the fluent start of the silvering reaction across the surface. The resulting silver layer is very uniform and allows the dosing just so much solution, how much is the size of the silver surface. This reduces the consumption of solutions a saving money.

The silvering of Christmas decorations.

SilverSol S/R is a two-part set consisting of two parts:
1. Silversol S - contains silver (silver content: 100g/l, it is 157.5g AgNO3)
2. Silversol R-01 or R-02 - contains reduction

We produce two types - standard and faster.
Silversol R-01 - standard type, Silversol R-02 - faster type

Difference between R-01 and R-02:, Reduction R-02 has a faster the course of reduction than R-01. Which is more appropriate, depends on the style of the work. If we fill more balls at once, is usually better R-01, because R-02 could the start already during filling. If less balls are filled and shaked briefly, quickly, R-02 may be better suited. Both reductions can be combined equally well with component S. They are the same price.

Packaging - plastic bottle 1 liter. In one box there are 4 sets of Silversol S/R.

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We produce silvering solutions, which are characterized by the high efficiency of the transfer of silver to glass, the high fluency of the silver layer and reduction of content ecologically unfavorable components.

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